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WEBSITE CONTENT CONCRETE TOOL SUPPLY  concrete finishing tools, concrete tools, equipment concrete Concrete Tool Supply Is Your Go-To Equipment Source It doesn’t matter if you need a single item or an entire setup of concrete tools, you’ve come to the right place! At, we’ve made it our mission to provide everything you need to get jobs of all sizes tackled with professionalism from start to finish. Catering to professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, we’ve assembled the finest selection of equipment concrete workers require to achieve perfection in their end product. No matter what stage of installation a project happens to be in, we’ve got the bases covered with the right concrete tools at the right prices. At Concrete Tool Supply, we offer our clients access to: Preparation tools – Whether it’s mixers, vibrators or other concrete tools required, we have what you need to tackle a project with expertise. We even carry high cycle generators for jobs that are off the beaten path as far as electricity is concerned. Our generator selection is highly portable for convenience, but each model is powerful enough to run two high-cycle vibrators at the same time. Finishing tools – Concrete finishing tools are essential for the final visual appearance of a job. From basic tools to specialty items, we make sure to stock the concrete tools you need to make all your projects look great. Specialty tools – Sometimes jobs call for more than simply laying and finishing concrete. When special cuts, bored holes and other touches are required, Concrete Tool Supply has the right devices at the ready. We carry a wide selection of concrete chain saws, drills, blades and cores. Heaters – Keeping the atmosphere on a job site just right for concrete installation is important. To help out, we carry an extensive line of construction heaters, fans and other temperature regulating devices. Hand tools – There’s no need to look anywhere else for hand tools necessary for concrete installation and finishing. From shovels and lutes to floats and brushes, we’re ready to help you stock up. Name brands – Having the equipment concrete jobs call for is not enough. Quality needs to be a significant part of the equation when concrete tools are the required purchase. At Concrete Tool Supply, we carry only the top name brands to ensure our customers receive only the best. With manufacturers like Advanced Concrete Tools, Czar Weld Tools and Tiger Equipment on our product roster, clients can rest assured they are making quality purchases. Convenience – Outfitting a job with the right concrete tools couldn’t be easier thanks to Concrete Tool Supply. Our easy online ordering process ensures not only topnotch tools, but also fast, friendly delivery right to our clients’ doors. Cost savings – Our prices on concrete tools are highly competitive. To make them even more so, we offer free freight on order shipped within the continental United States. Quality guarantee – We stand behind our orders and our products. We offer 100 percent refunds of product price, including shipping where applicable, if merchandise is defective. It has never been easier to obtain the right concrete tools for every step of a project. At Concrete Tool Supply, it is our mission to make certain customers have what they need to get their jobs done right. concrete screed Our Concrete Screed Inventory Keeps You Level A concrete job just isn’t right unless perfection is applied to the final touches. Foundational slabs, sidewalks and other large pours must be exactly level or the imperfections will stand out for years down the road. When there’s a need to ensure a masterful end product on every job, a concrete screed is the tool that’s needed. To ensure our clients have access to the best, we carry an extensive line of professional quality concrete tools. Our concrete screed selection is designed to provide the power that’s necessary to cover jobs of all sizes. Our line of concrete finishing tools includes the: ACT – Black Beauty Vibrating Screed Robin 4-cycle – This concrete screed is designed to operate flat out, straight to the finish. With a 4-cycle gas engine, this concrete screed can handle a 2” to 9” slump without sinking or riding over the concrete. It’s made to be user friendly and require no maintenance. Clean up is even easy and the bar is the strongest out there. It won’t bend, warp or break! ACT – Silver Beauty Vibrating Screen Honda 4-cycle – This powerhouse offers many of the features of the Black Beauty with a few distinct twists. Powered by a Honda engine, this concrete screed can tackle 3’ to 12’ lengths with no problem at all. These are just a few of the concrete screed products we carry. When you rely on Concrete Tool Supply for an important order, you can rest assured that quality and excellent customer service will always be present. Whether it’s a concrete screed, a mixer, a vibrator or another tool that’s needed, our clients will enjoy: Convenience – Ordering from Concrete Tool Supply is the fastest, most convenient way to get the equipment concrete work calls for. Beyond concrete screed products, we carry every tool – large and small – that is required for professionals in the field. Ordering online is easy and provides fast shipping right to clients’ doors. Should customers have questions about our products, we maintain an open line of communication via phone, fax, e-mail and good, old-fashioned mail services. Competitive pricing – At Concrete Tool Supply, we understand our clients’ equipment is important to them, but so are their budgets. To this end, we maintain highly competitive pricing on every class of tools we offer. Free shipping – To add to our competitive pricing, we offer free freight for orders shipped within the continental United States. Confidence – Customers can rest assured that orders placed through Concrete Tool Supply are backed by our guarantee of quality. We stand by the functionality of our products and provide a 100 percent refund guarantee in the case of defective merchandise. We will even cover freight charges, if applicable. Quality – Concrete Tool Supply only carries the best brand name products in the industry. From our concrete screed line to an extensive variety of products from Advanced Concrete Tools, Denver Concrete Vibrator, Tiger Equipment and other highly respected manufacturers. Professional concrete jobs demand an expert touch and the correct tools. When perfection in leveling is required, our clients can count on our line of concrete screed products to get the job done right. concrete vibrator Remove Imperfections With The Right Concrete Vibrator Having a concrete vibrator on hand during any size job is vital for keeping defects out of the finished product. When air bubbles and excess water are left trapped in drying concrete, surface imperfections, internal holes and other problems can occur. The end result is that more than appearances can be compromised. The very strength of the finished concrete can come into question. A concrete vibrator is a necessary tool for removing those air bubbles and working out extra water that can damage a job before it’s even completed. A professional concrete vibrator isn’t a single part tool. A complete vibrator has three main components that Concrete Tool Supply enables customers to order separately so they can create the perfect equipment concrete jobs call for. The main parts that allow this important device to get the job done right are: The motor – We offer a wide variety of electric and gas-powered motors to tackle jobs of all sizes. Some of our gas-powered motors are even created to offer complete portability thanks to their backpack design. Portable motors are excellent choices in areas where electricity isn’t readily available. Our wide selection of motors enables customers to select the best power source for their unique working situations. The drive – This part is essential for taking the power from the motor and applying it to the head, which actually extends into the wet concrete. At Concrete Tool Supply we carry an extensive line of Viber flexible drives. These drives are created using a combination of a braided steel core that runs inside a casing that is made from a spiral spring steel wrapped in durable, oil and dirt resistant, neoprene rubber. Our drives come in a variety of lengths to tackle jobs of different depths. The head – This is the part on a concrete vibrator that actually comes in contact with the wet concrete. It is used to consolidate the concrete by removing large air pockets, making concrete flow up to the form face and around the rebar. We carry a large selection of Viber heads, each with its own diameter and vibrations per minute or VPM. Different sized heads are required depending on the particular job at hand. At Concrete Tool Supply, we offer the tools professionals need to do every job right. To complement our line of vibrators, we also carry a number of important accessories. These include replacement drive fittings, straps and grease to keep these important concrete tools in good working order. When orders are placed through Concrete Tool Supply, customers can rest assured service goes along with every purchase. It is our mission to provide clients not only the concrete finishing tools they need, but also convenience. Our products are known for the quality and reliability professionals demand. Plus, our competitive prices are backed up with free freight on orders shipped within the continental United States. When it’s time to order equipment concrete jobs demand, we’ve got the bases covered. From a concrete vibrator to finishing tools and beyond, we’re here with the right products from brand names you trust. concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete Our Chain Saws Are Concrete Tools Contractors Can Count On Cutting through finished concrete is not a task an ordinary saw can take on. When a job demands power and precision, Concrete Tool Supply has exactly what is needed. Our concrete finishing tools are made with single-pass performance in mind. At Concrete Tool Supply, we only carry concrete saws that are backed up with the hardness of diamonds. Ordinary power simply will not do for this type of work. In fact, when chain saws are the equipment concrete jobs require, our pneumatic models will turn reinforced concrete, brick, block, pipe and even natural stone to butter. We know our clients demand single-pass power and we deliver. We carry several models selected especially for their precision and cutting ability. The selection we offer at Concrete Tool Supply includes: Air Concrete chain saw with a diamond chain and 11-inch bar and chain – This powerhouse model is designed to be a mainstay in any operation. It was selected for our inventory because of its cutting ease, speed, portability and precision. This powerful air saw was crafted especially to cut through floors, columns and walls with a single pass. Air Concrete chain saw with a diamond chain and 15-inch bar and chain – This is a step up from the 11-inch model, but offers all the same features. Covering a little more territory, these concrete tools will turn big jobs into little ones in no time at all. At Concrete Tool Supply, we offer our customers access to the finest professional quality chain saws available. Whether customers order our saws or simply need a concrete screed or concrete vibrator, they can expect to receive the same great service, competitive prices and free freight within the continental United States. It is our mission to be our clients’ one-stop source for all the tools necessary to finish professional concrete jobs with expertise. With our mission in mind, all of our products are carefully selected based on their durability and performance. With brand name manufacturers like Cucamonga, Sial and Tiger represented in our lineup, contractors can rest assured purchases from Concrete Tool Supply will offer the performance they demand at competitive prices that make sense. From our basic hand tools right on up to big purchases like concrete saws, quality is the hallmark of our product line. Since concrete saws are a big purchase even for large-scale companies, we are available to answer any questions in advance of convenient online orders. Reaching us is as simple as picking up a phone or e-mailing our friendly sales professionals at Our knowledgeable staff is available during regular business hours to answer any questions customers may have. All orders through Concrete Tool Supply are conveniently handled over the Internet with direct shipment to clients. We back our sales with a product guarantee. If products are defective, we will fully refund the purchase price and any freight costs associated with the transaction. When big jobs are on the line, our clients demand concrete tools they can count on. At Concrete Tool Supply, we deliver topnotch products that are specifically designed to handle the rigors of professional use. concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete Our Core Drills Deliver the Power You Expect From Concrete Tools Take an ordinary drill and attempt to bore a hole into reinforced concrete and you’ll likely end up with a broken bit in your hands. And, that’s if you’re lucky! There’s an even stronger chance that you’ll burn up a drill motor unless you happen to have the right concrete tools for the job on hand. With the right core drill in place, however, materials like natural stone, brick and block will give way like a stick of room temperature butter. To work hard materials, true concrete tools are simply a must. At Concrete Tool Supply, we have the core drills you need to get your jobs completed with accuracy and professionalism. Since we understand that not every job is alike, we stock a wide selection of concrete tools, including power drills designed specifically for dealing with hard and solid surfaces. When you use concrete finishing tools you can count for drilling holes with precision, we offer several models that will perform beyond expectation. Our selection of concrete drills includes: The Dry Diamond Core Drilling Machine – This one-speed model is lightweight and highly portable. Coming in at only seven pounds, the Dry Diamond can handle holes up to 3-1/4” in diameter. Offering 12 amps of power, this drill is ideal for limestone, cinder blocks, brick and other abrasive materials. It even offers a slip clutch to protect operators if jamming ever occurs. The END-130-3POSA – This 3-speed core drill is considered the very best in its class. It offers an all-aluminum housing and a compact size. Weighing in at 16 pounds, it is highly portable, but still offers the power necessary for continuous use. With 15 amps of power, this machine can handle drilling holes in ceilings, walls, floors and other concrete surfaces. It is fast, efficient and durable. This drill also delivers versatility as it can be used as a hand-held machine or hooked up with an anchor stand. Providing up to a 6-inch diameter hole, it’s the right tool to use for just about any job. Rig Mounted Core Drill with Anchor Stand – Big jobs call for big concrete tools. This machine delivers on all scores. Handling holes up to 14 inches in diameter, this core drill is a true production machine for professionals. With a 24.5-amp motor and a durable three-speed gearbox, heavy duty is the best description for this particular tool. Weighing in at 79 pounds, this drill rig is still light and portable. The stand has two 5” wheels for ease of movement. It doesn’t matter whether you need simple handle tools, a concrete vibrator, a concrete screed or a serious drill with major power, Concrete Tool Supply has what you need. Our customers can rest assured that we stock only the finest, highest quality concrete tools available at the most competitive prices. Our customer service is unbeatable, too. Our professional staff members are available to answer any questions about or extensive line of concrete finishing tools. Just contact us by phone, e-mail or mail. We’re here to help! When it’s time for a new concrete drill, you need not look any further. At Concrete Tool Supply, we have the power and precision required for professional jobs of all sizes. concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete Our Blades and Cores Offer Quality Contractors Can Count On Ordinary hardware stores might offer one or two blades and cores that could help a contractor eek by on a job, but when selection is called for they fall flat. Serious jobs call for serious concrete tools. At Concrete Tool Supply, providing professionals the tools they need is our sole mission. No matter the size, style or durability required in concrete finishing tools, we have exactly what is needed. From our extensive supply of concrete vibrator models and concrete screed designs to cores and blades, we carry a distinct variety because not every job is alike. When precision, power and performance are called for, our selection will make a typical hardware store’s supply pale in comparison. At Concrete Tool Supply, we have the right equipment concrete jobs demand. Our blade and core selection includes tools just right for: General purpose jobs – If blades are required for cured concrete cutting, our selection will not fail to impress. We offer a wide selection of the standard blades for this trade. High speed asphalt/green concrete work – Specialty work calls for specialty blades. Our concrete finishing tools are meant to help contractors get their jobs done right the first time out. Walk-behind general purpose – Walk-behind saws require special blades. When those blades need to be able to cut through concrete like it’s nothing, ordinary metals won’t do. Our walk-behind blades are designed especially for this type of work. Masonry saw blades – Portable and precision tools still demand blades that are tougher than the concrete they are cutting through. Our masonry saw blades will get the job done and stand up with strength. Turbo-style grinding cups – Removal of materials calls for special concrete tools. Our grinding cups are designed to speed up the process and provide more complete removal of concrete. Tuckpointing – Getting rid of mortar is a distinct job that calls for specific blades. When this type of work is on hand, we’ve got contractors covered with the correct materials. Tile blades – Cutting through tile with the precision necessary for finishing work is an art form that demands the right tools. Are tile blades are created for all-purpose tile sawing, making this work flow smoothly from start to finish. Segmented blades – General purpose sawing with angle grinders and small hand saws still calls for a specialty blade if concrete is the intended surface. We’ve got the right blades on hand to turn these machines into concrete-tough devices. Core bits – Electrical contractors and other specialists need to get into concrete without damaging the integrity. Our core bits make this task attainable. Professional grade concrete finishing tools are just not in ready supply at most hardware stores. When selection, convenience and quality are concerns, Concrete Tool Supply has what contractors need to shine on every job. At Concrete Tool Supply, it is our mission to make sure contractors are outfitted with the products they need at prices they can afford. Whether it’s blades, cores or even mixers on a purchase list, we’ve got exactly what professionals require for jobs of all sizes. concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete   Rotary Pneumatic Hammer Drills Deliver on Power Concrete work isn’t necessarily done when the slab is poured and leveled. When electrical and cosmetic projects must follow, serious concrete tools are required. Ordinary drills might suffice in extreme cases, but they simply will not stand up to the day-to-day rigors this type of work demands. Burn out is common in substandard drills, but not when proper concrete tools are selected. When serious power and performance is required, Concrete Tool Supply has the pneumatic hammer drills that professionals require. All of our professional concrete finishing tools are hand selected with a few things in mind. For our team of highly knowledgeable professionals to select a product for our custom line, it must show durability, performance and reliability. Professional grade concrete tools must provide quality and value for the price. It’s that simple. Our line of hammer drills provides the key ingredients contractors need to get big jobs done. Just like our concrete vibrator line and the concrete screed models we offer, our drills were selected simply because they perform. Customers will find our drills provide the power, flexibility and rugged performance they are after. Our line includes: Air Rotary Hammer Drills SDS Plus – These 1” bit capacity drills are designed for handling masonry and concrete. They can create 1” diameter holes with solid carbide tipped bits and up to 3” diameter holes with carbide core bits. They provide fast impact drilling of anchor holes and through holes. This lightweight model is also available in an underwater design. Flexibility goes along with this line, as well. These drills are easily converted for standard drilling of wood and steel. Other features include SDS bits, which cost less to use; pneumatic power to eliminate electric motor sparking; water hook-up at depth gauge to protect against bit sparking; a safety clutch to avoid jamming and overloads; a maintenance-free gear head and more. Air Rotary Hammer Drill SDS Max – This is a powerhouse of a drill designed with a 2” bit capacity for drilling concrete and masonry. It offers a three-way mode selection that makes it an incredibly versatile tool. The hammering mode is ideal for demolition while other modes provide for straight drilling of concrete, chiseling, crushing, edging, grooving, stripping, compacting, tamping and more. Its applications include, but are not limited to, installation of anchors, piping and mechanical openings. When serious equipment concrete jobs call for is needed in a professional tool ensemble, this drill goes above and beyond. Whether it’s our pneumatic drills or other concrete finishing tools that are required, our customers can rest assured that Concrete Tool Supply is the one-stop location for professional supplies. Our extensive product line is backed by brand-name quality and our exemplary customer services. At Concrete Tool Supply, we pride ourselves in giving our customers quality and value with their purchases. While our competitive prices speak for themselves, we also offer free freight on all orders placed within the continental United States. When it’s time for a new drill or other concrete tools, there’s no reason to look further than Concrete Tool Supply.  concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete Get The Right Concrete Tools For Heating Up The Job Site Just because a concrete job has a deadline that’s set in stone doesn’t mean Mother Nature is going to cooperate. When temperatures are too cold for proper drying or humidity runs amok, Concrete Tool Supply has contractors covered. Our extensive selection of heaters and other atmospheric control devices can make getting the job done right and on time more than feasible. Customers who take advantage of our products will find that Concrete Tool Supply is a one-stop source of concrete tools for professionals in this distinct industry. Everything from our concrete finishing tools right on up to our commercial construction heaters is selected with care by a professional staff that knows what job sites truly demand. Each of our products is chosen for its performance, durability, value and ability to stand up to the rigors of professional work. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple hand tool, a concrete screed, a concrete vibrator or an indirect fired heater purchase that is on tap, our customers can buy with confidence in their purchases. Our line of heaters includes such basic model types as: Construction heaters – Our line includes highly portable propane heaters for spot temperature increases where they are needed the most. We also offer larger, dual fuel heaters for serious heat outputs. Electric heaters – This line is ideal when the juice is hooked up on a jobsite and portability is required. Although highly moveable, these wheeled heaters get the job done right when it comes to increasing temperatures. Indirect fueled heaters – Portability is also a plus in this line of heaters that operates off of oil, propane and other natural gases. Radiant heaters – This line delivers indoor atmospheric control when it’s needed by offering gas-powered radiant heat. With 100,000 BTUs per hour, these are serious devices for the price. Tent/Construction Box Heaters – When forced air is required, this class of heaters will stand up and deliver. Highly portable courtesy of wheels for rolling, these devices accept ducts for forced heat in confined places. These are ideal for hole work and also ceiling and attic jobs where space is tight, but atmospheric improvements are a must. Air movers – When changing the temperature in a set area isn’t enough, commercial grade air movers can help with circulation. Controlling indoor atmospheric conditions isn’t always easy on a job site. When a little help is required, we have the equipment concrete jobs call for. Our extensive line of heaters and air movers can help turn the most inhospitable of job sites into production showcases. When heaters and other concrete tools are purchased through Concrete Tool Supply, customers can be assured of quality, value and service. We offer highly competitive prices and free freight on all orders shipped within the continental United States. Whether it’s air movers for evenly distributing heat or concrete finishing tools that are needed, we offer the pricing, performance and durability busy contractors demand. There’s no reason to look any further than Concrete Tool Supply for the professional equipment needed on any jobsite. concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete Heavy Duty Saws Cut Through Jobs In No Time Slicing through concrete foundations and other hard surfaces demands the right tools. When it’s time to round out a professional stock, Concrete Tool Supply is your one-stop source for concrete tools. At Concrete Tool Supply, we offer everything from concrete finishing tools to concrete vibrator models. Our line of saws is among our most extensive, offering the specialty devices contractors require to tackle important stages of production. To get jobs done right, concrete saws must offer a balance of sheer power, precision and ease-of-use. We have selected each model in our line to meet the demands contractors place on their tools. From our floor saws to our walk behind models, customers will discover quality and performance are the hallmarks of what Concrete Tool Supply has to offer. When you rely on Concrete Tool Supply to meet your needs for concrete tools, you’ll find our in-stock saws include: Floor models – Our floor saws are contractor tough. We carry a line of Tiger Equipment models that are especially designed with a tough welded box design. This reduces vibration and delivers an extremely stable sawing platform, eliminating frame twist. These models also boast a laminar flow water system that optimizes water flow to the blade. This reduces water spray while delivering more water. Pneumatic hand-held concrete saws – The equipment concrete jobs demand must be rugged and durable. Our pneumatic saws deliver the power and precision contractors can rely on. Our hand-held pneumatics range in maximum cutting depth from 4” to 7”, giving professionals a wide berth of choices. Pneumatic walk behinds – Joint sawing, floor sawing, trenching, road repair and other cutting applications require a specialized machine. Our pneumatic walk behind saw will turn these jobs into pieces of cake. The model we offer is designed for breaking out concrete and asphalt while providing precision and ease of use. It is meant for indoor and outdoor work and can handle both wet and dry saw cutting. From our concrete screed product line and finishing tools right up to precision saws, heaters and generators, at Concrete Tool Supply, we understand professionals have distinct requirements. To tackle big jobs, expert tools must be available. We make finding, buying and receiving the right tools for every job a snap. Our easy, online ordering means there’s no runaround involved. Customers can place their orders any of the day or night and they will arrive safely at the desired office or jobsite location. Orders placed through Concrete Tool Supply are backed by serious customer service. We offer highly competitive pricing and free freight within the continental United States on all purchases. When customers have questions, our highly knowledgeable staff is available to discuss any product in our line. When it’s time to buy concrete tools, we’re you’re No. 1 source on the Internet. Offering great prices, contractor-quality tools and the convenience busy professionals need, we’ve made it our mission to carry every piece of equipment concrete jobs demand. There’s no reason to look any further than Concrete Tool Supply for the tools you need to get your jobs done right. concrete finishing tools, concrete tools,  concrete screed, concrete vibrator, equipment concrete   Our Concrete Finishing Tools Deliver Precision, Performance Concrete work doesn’t always call for heavy equipment and power machines. When there’s a need for concrete finishing tools that offer precision for specialty jobs, we’ve got the bases covered. At Concrete Tool Supply, we offer an extensive line of scrapers and other surface preparation tools. Each item in our line has been selected for its quality, durability and performance. From our 2.5-inch scrapes on up to larger models, we have the equipment concrete jobs call for. Our selection is extensive to ensure that you have the right size heads and blades for any job you come up against. To make sure you have the selection of scrapers concrete jobs demand, we carry a line that includes: An 8” heavy duty floor scraper – This model has an ergonomic handle that extends five feet in length. While it goes easy on the body, it tackles jobs in no time at all. The heavy duty head has four screws and is cast and heat-treated carbon steel for durability. Offering flexibility, as well, this model’s head fits other handles, too. A 5” Beefstick – This scraper head is created from heat-treated carbon steel and is designed to remove heavy, stubborn coatings. The ergonomic five-foot handle means less pressure on the body as big jobs go from start to finish. If a different handle is desired, this head can easily accommodate. A 4” scraper head – This design comes with a five-foot standard handle designed for removal of gum, light floor coverings and adhesives. It’s ideal for long-stretch work thanks to its lightweight, design. Created from cast heat-treated, high carbon steel, this light duty device delivers heavy duty durability. In addition to an extensive line of scrapers, our concrete tools inventory is chock full of the right blades for any job. We carry such blades as side spur carpet cutting blades, single spur blades and heavy duty blades in a range of sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you need concrete finishing tools, generators, mixers or even just a concrete vibrator, we have the tools you need and the quality you can count on. At Concrete Tool Supply, it is our mission to be contractors’ No. 1 source for tools on the Internet. To meet that goal, we combine an extensive inventory of concrete finishing tools with excellence in customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions by telephone, fax, mail and even e-mail. Beyond customer service, we offer our clients access to a few things the competition might not always provide. When you order through Concrete Tool Supply, you can count on high-quality, durable tools that have been hand selected for their performance value. Our competitive prices sweeten the deal even more, as does the free freight offered on all orders within the continental United States. When it’s time to order concrete tools, you have plenty of choices. If quality, customer service and competitive pricing are important, there is only one place to go. At Concrete Tool Supply, we have what contractors need when they need it the most. From concrete screed models to scrapers and beyond, it is our pledge to deliver quality products right to your door.

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